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Bike commute. Lycra on. Bag packed. Double up on socks. Chilly out there. Shoes on. Velcro like a toddler. Unwanted ventilation in stiff plastic soles. Too poor for carbon. Bike out. Check tyres. Helmet. Gloves. Lights on. Spin spin spin spin. Breathe breathe breathe breathe. Sweat sweat sweat sweat. Wet tarmac shines under blue white […]


There‚Äôs something I see quite often which irritates me. I usually see it at least once when I take my son to the park to play, and there are other kids there, riding their bikes. I blame Argos, and Halfords. Probably Tesco too, but I blame them for most things. When I see this thing, […]

caustic soda seatpost


I’ve reached an age where I spend quite a lot of time gazing into the middle distance, a wistful, glazed expression on my face, revisiting the exploits of my youth. A lot of those exploits took place in various wooded areas near my home, and not all of them involved leafing through discarded porno mags. […]