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Bike commute. Lycra on. Bag packed. Double up on socks. Chilly out there. Shoes on. Velcro like a toddler. Unwanted ventilation in stiff plastic soles. Too poor for carbon. Bike out. Check tyres. Helmet. Gloves. Lights on. Spin spin spin spin. Breathe breathe breathe breathe. Sweat sweat sweat sweat. Wet tarmac shines under blue white […]

Giro Hex Broken Helmet Cracked


I was a mountain biker for ages before I ever swung a leg over one of those bikes with really skinny tyres. You know the ones. Road bikes. Most mountain bikers, myself included, are hobbyists. We ride mountain bikes because we enjoy it, not because we’re good at it. Because I’m not very good at […]